It's free to become a member of the Chamber Energy Coalition!
  • If you ARE a member of one of our "participating organizations" ... you can sign up immediately for membership and start the process of saving on your energy bills.
    • Sign up electronically. Click "Membership Form" below. Fill out the required fields and click "Submit" at the bottom of the form.
    • Mail or Fax us. Click "Membership Form" below. Fill out the required fields. Print out the results and mail or fax it to us at the address/phone number listed on the form.
    • Mail or fax us a copy of your latest natural gas and electric bills at 413 567-4610 (Note: We will need both pages of your bills so that we can review them and tell you what we can do to save you money. We will only share them with those companies that we have a contract with, AllEnergy and AES New Energy in order for them to make you an offer to reduce your cost).
  • If you ARE NOT a member of one of these organizations ... call us at (413) 567-4611 and we will tell you how to join and partake of this benefit and many more.

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