The CEC has worked to save money and stabilize electricity and natural gas costs for businesses and commercial customers for the last thirteen years since deregulation became law. We have served many customers in both Massachusetts and Connecticut.

To better serve you, the CEC has restructured its approach to supply. Instead of being able to offer you only one supplier's pricing, we are now positioned to offer you up to five different national suppliers to quote on your energy needs. This enables us to seek out the supplier with the lowest cost for your business. We do this with the thoroughness necessary to get you the best deal, yet we do not add the complexity or cost of dealing with more than one contract (broker and supplier), nor insist on things like evergreen clauses in our relationship.

The current energy market is very volatile! The real question is: "have energy prices bottomed out or will they continue to fall as the recovery stagnates?"

The answer is one that is very complex. Power suppliers buy their fuels on a long term basis too, and are now probably working off contracts that were agreed to when oil and gas were rising in price so their cost for producing electricity does not go up or down nearly as fast as the prominent "$/bbl" quoted in the daily news. The recession and pressure of competition for your energy business has forced prices lower and lower.

However, there is increasing evidence that we are beginning to come out of the recession, and power usage is showing an increase due to increased schedules and improved sales. We may be at or close to the bottom and when usage rises, prices will follow relatively soon. We currently have access to prices that are the lowest in three to four years through our five national suppliers.

If you would like us to help you with this complex and volatile question, don't hesitate to give us a call at 413-567-4611, or e-mail us at We can look at your situation and help you make the contacts with several excellent suppliers to lock in the best price for your business. Now is the best time to buy even if your current contract doesn't expire for the next six to nine months. We can quote pricing for contracts starting that far out with the advantage of locking in at today's low price.

Jim Shriver
President CEC

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