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How has the energy industry changed?
The electric industry is undergoing dramatic change. Currently, customers receive generation, transmission and distribution services in a "bundled" package from the local utility company. On March 1, 1998, customers were given the option of choosing among competing electricity suppliers of generation services, much as they now choose a long-distance telephone company. This system is now providing from 5-30% savings to certain classes of users off the regulated prices they now pay. The CEC has these savings available through an existing contract with AES New Energy. While there will be competition among electricity suppliers, the transmission and distribution aspects of the electric industry will remain regulated. Customers who choose to do so will have the option of continuing to purchase electricity supply from their local utility company. In addition, the local utility company will continue to service meters and local distribution equipment.

The natural gas industry has also changed. The cost of your gas is now split into the "delivered gas" cost, and the "city gate transportation" cost. The "delivered gas cost" is now competitive, while the "city gate transportation cost" is still regulated. The deregulation of this sector of the energy industry is much more advanced today, and savings of 15-25% are available through the existing CEC contract with ALLEnergy, Inc. down

How have these changes affected my business?
These changes allow your company to spend less on electricity and natural gas. As an energy customer, your company should make decisions regarding your supplier and the types of electric and natural gas service you wish to receive. The CEC is the best organization to help you keep current and make these decisions with our background and knowledge of current market conditions.

Have the changes affected the reliability of my electricity and gas service?
No. In fact, regulated distribution companies will continue to operate and their rate will be performance based. down

How is the Chamber of Commerce involved?
The Chamber of Commerce has formed an Energy Committee and launched a Chamber Energy Program to assist member businesses and local governments in the region to participate effectively in the energy marketplace through the Chamber Energy Coalition, Inc. The Chamber is organizing commercial and industrial customers into a pool to ensure that each participant will have enhanced market power, and will be positioned to the lowest prices and the most reliable services that the market has to offer.

What is the Chamber Energy Coalition, Inc.?
With the adoption of legislation to restructure the electric utility industry in Massachusetts, the CEC was formed and developed a program dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes from all industries save money on electricity and natural gas through their local Chamber of Commerce and other business organizations. It is a for profit corporation that provides expertise in energy contract management for pooled groups of business consumers. To date it has worked with ten local chambers and two business organizations and has assembled a group of over 450 businesses with energy consumption value of over one hundred million dollars. It is the largest aggregator of energy in Western Mass. down

How much am I likely to save on my electric bill?
Currently, selected classes of electric users are saving from 5-30% off the regulated supply (generation) cost on their bill. The amount of savings depends on which utility company is supplying you and technical issues such as load factor, character and size. You can receive an estimate of those savings by faxing your latest bill to CEC at 413-739-1045. At this time we cannot supply all customers, but we are supplying most customers of the G-2, T-2 and G-3 rate classes. It is our intent to serve all commercial and industrial rate classes when market prices permit.

How can I get involved in the Chamber's program?
To get involved, chamber members simply fill out the one-page Intent to Participate Form where you provide your company's name, address, phone number, and the name of a contact person within your company. Filling out an Intent to Participate Form does not in any way obligate you to sign a contract with any energy supplier. Please contact the Chamber Energy Coalition's Jim Shriver at 413-733-3287 or 1-888-844-8640 toll free for more information or visit our website at: down

What does it cost to participate in the program?
There is no cost to participate in this program.

What other information do I need to provide?
After filling out an intent to participate form, we will ask you to send us (fax to: 413-739-1045 or by mail: PO. Box 15563, Springfield MA 01115) the latest copy of your gas and electric bills. This will allow us to give you an estimate of what we can do for your company. In the case of some customers (T-2 and G-3 rates) we will ask you to sign a release form so that we can get a year's worth of interval data from the utility company which serves you. All information received about your company and its electricity or gas consumption will be kept confidential. down

How soon can I realize savings if I join the CEC now?
The CEC can offer you immediate savings of 15-25% on natural gas off the Baystate Gas standard rates. We can also offer 5-30% savings off the supply (generation) portion of your electric bill to those Western Mass Electric Company (WMECO) customers in the G-2 and T-2 rate classes, and to certain Mass Electric Company (MECO) G-2 and G-3 rate class customers. CEC members that are not currently in those rate classes quoted above will be offered savings as the wholesale and regulated prices permit. We urge all rate class businesses to join the CEC as we will continue to develop a means to serve all businesses over time. Wholesale and regulated rates continue to fluctuate with market conditions such as oil and gas prices, and savings are related to these worldwide economic forces. Since there is no cost involved in joining us, you will be represented and ready to take advantage of the market when pricing permits no matter what rate class you currently are assigned to.

Who are the members of the CEC?
There are currently over 450 members of the CEC, many of whom are enjoying natural electricity and natural gas savings today. A partial list of our customers at this time includes:

  • Shriners Hospital
  • Ronald McDonald House of Springfield
  • SIS Center
  • Solutia
  • Cascades Diamond Paper
  • Southworth Paper
  • Eastfield Mall
  • Peter Pan Bus Lines
  • Springfield Water and Sewer Commission
  • Springfield Parking Authority
  • Springfield YMCA
  • The Lighthouse Restaurant
  • Wild Apples Restaurant
  • Pride Service Stations
  • Hampden Savings Bank
  • Belt Technologies
  • Mass Mutual Fontaine Brothers
  • Agri-Mark
  • Kidsports
  • Falcon Management
  • Belmont Laundry
  • Armstrong-Blum
  • Balise Car Dealerships
  • Greenfield YMCA
  • Associated Electro Mechanics
  • W.F. Young
  • M & L Plastics
  • EBTEC Corporation
  • Tower Square
  • Bassette Printers
  • Park View Hospital
  • Techni Products
  • Quabbin Wire and Cable
  • And many more.
If you would like specific references they are available from Jim Shriver at (413)-733-3287, or here on our website on the background page.

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