Jim Shriver, president and CEO of Chamber Energy Coalition, Inc., founded this company because of his understanding that with deregulation comes opportunity for businesses to save significantly on energy costs. However, this savings opportunity will be recognized only if these companies can find effective ways to tap into the savings available.

Chamber Energy Coalition works to make this happen.

Mr. Shriver has led a distinguished world wide career over the last forty years in engineering, manufacturing and utilities management, and chamber of commerce leadership. down

He received his BS in Chemical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, and spent thirty three years in employment by Monsanto Company in various assignments in Springfield where he rose to plant engineer and plant manager; in Belgium where he was Director of Manufacturing for Plastics Europe, and in St. Louis where he was plant manager of the largest silicon wafer producing plant in the United States.

He became President and CEO of the Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce in 1987. He received his MBA from American International College in 1992, and has been working with the business community in that capacity for over ten years.

During his tenure as President and CEO of the GSCC, Jim has used his organizational, marketing, promotional, communications and political experience to enhance the environment for business, solve business/community problems and build organizations to take advantage of business opportunities. down

He is responsible for the formation of the Springfield Business Education Collaborative, an organization to produce qualified students for business employment; The Springfield Area Council for Excellence, a total quality/continuous improvement support organization for business; Telitcom Development Corporation, a telecommunications and information technology economic development agency and has created innumerable business task forces and committees to solve problems such as the odor from the Bondi's Island Waste Treatment Plant, siting of resource recovery and co-generation plants, and many others.

He is Past President of the New England Chamber of Commerce Executives, Past President of the Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce Executives, founding member of the Massachusetts Council of Chambers, and a member of numerous boards and community organizations.

He resides in Springfield, Ma. with his wife Regina. They have six grown children.

References will be furnished upon request.

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