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With the adoption of legislation to restructure the electric utility industry in Massachusetts, CEC developed a program dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes from all industries save money on electricity and natural gas through their local Chamber of Commerce and other business organizations.

The principal of the CEC is Jim Shriver, President and CEO. He has worked as the president and CEO of the Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce for ten years, and has successfully used his chamber knowledge with ten participating chambers to develop a program that is member friendly, board involved, and understanding of the needs of chamber and other business organization staff and volunteers. Jim's over 30 years experience in the industrial sector as a chemical and plant engineer and plant manager and director of manufacturing for Monsanto Corporation brings a thorough understanding of the business need to maximize efficiency and compete effectively. down

The CEC incorporated on August 8, 1997, and is licensed as a broker in the State of Massachusetts (#EB-008). We have signed contracts with ten chambers in the western part of Massachusetts representing approximately 5,000 businesses. We have developed a very successful program that accomplishes three important goals for each organization:

  1. Saving participating members significant money on energy
  2. Providing non-dues income to the organizations
  3. Increasing organization membership through participation

CEC currently has over 450 businesses, representing over one-hundred million dollars worth of energy purchases, who are participating in our buyers group. We currently have a contract with AES New Energy to provide savings of from 5-30% on the supply portion of their electric bill to selected accounts. We have also negotiated the best gas price contract in Western Massachusetts with ALLEnergy with savings of up to 20% on total gas bills and more in some cases for our clients. down

Our energy program includes several key elements beyond the three cited above. They are as follows:

  1. Personnel who bring a unique combination of technical, business and communication skills to bear, all of which are crucial to success in a highly complex specialized field.
  2. A complete understanding of business organization functions needs and capabilities.
  3. Complete support for the production of marketing and promotional materials, mailings, customer contacts at no cost to the organization.
  4. A program that works well for large and small businesses alike, having value for each and every member.
  5. Exclusive benefits that accrue only to chamber members; and a cooperative regional approach to cost reduction, allowing companies to save not only for themselves but reduce cost for their local suppliers as well.


The Chamber Energy Coalition Inc. (CEC) is an independent organization which will reduce energy rates for Chamber, and business organization members to a minimum by pooling their demand and using the greater volume and better load distribution to negotiate a minimum price and reliable service with providers of energy.

The New England business community has been saddled for years with the highest energy costs in the nation. The opportunity created by the deregulation of energy producers needs to be maximized for all businesses, large and small through unbiased and professional evaluation and aggregation. The purpose of the CEC is to foster new, and retain existing businesses throughout New England, and promote retention and expansion of business membership through a reduction of energy costs. It will provide an independent assessment of available energy supplies and services with no influence from any specific energy producer or purveyor.

The CEC is organized as a consulting group. Low headcount with high expertise is supplemented with local contractors for printing, mailing, etc. Background information on Jim Shriver, president and CEO is available on this web site.


The CEC is the first and only organization in Massachusets to develop and demonstrate a program specifically designed and pertinent to multiple chambers of commerce and other business organizations.

We have successfully tested this program with ten chambers and two other groups in the western part of the state and are eager to expand it to other groups. To date we have enlisted over 450 businesses with potential for over one hundred million dollars in energy purchases. As we continue to grow, we have become the largest energy purchasing group in western Massachusetts, and have a goal of becoming the largest in the state over the next year. The inclusion of your group with those which we are already serving would provide all parties with far greater price leverage in the marketplace.

The CEC is not affiliated with any utility company. We are an independent consulting group, one of whose many advantages is that it can freely negotiate for the best price and service solely on behalf of the buyers in the marketplace. The CEC is also currently independent of any other companies or associations providing similar services. We have and will retain local companies to supplement our service as volume and complexity demand.


  1. Mr. Russel Denver, President
    Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce
    1350 Main St.
    Springfield, MA 01103
    Tel: (413) 733-3287

  2. Mrs. Ann Hamilton, President
    Franklin County Chamber of Commerce
    395 Main St.
    Greenfield, MA 01302
    Tel: (413) 773-5463

  3. Ms Suzanne Beck, Executive Director
    Greater Northampton Chamber of Commerce
    99 Pleasant St.
    Northampton, MA 01060
    Tel: (413) 584-1900

  4. Mr. Thomas Burton, President
    Hampden Savings Bank
    19 Harrison Ave.
    Springfield, MA 01102-2048

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